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»Book Publisher: Humana Press (March, 2000)
»ISBN: 0896036324
»Book author: John S. Elce

Book Description:
"This book collects contributions from essentially all leading specialists in the area and the chapters are constructed in a way that should make it a useful bench-top companion. The book is good value for money: 36 chapters for $89 should make it an all but mandatory acquisition for libraries, and especially laboratories having programs on cell biology and cell pathology." -Cell Biology International

Product Description
John S. Elce and a seasoned team of principal investigators present a set of proven and easily followed protocols for studying calpain. The methods include in vitro techniques for the detection, expression, purification, and assay of µ- and m-calpain, supplemented with a wide range of system and tissue models for studying both the physiological functions of, and the effects of inhibitors on, calpain. The systems used include neural tissue, kidney, liver, the eye, and membrane fusion in muscle and erythrocytes, each in connection with hypoxia or other injury. Among the analytical techniques employed are casein zymography, immunofluorescence, and calpain activity assays. Highly practical and readily reproducible, Calpain Methods and Protocols offers investigators involved in basic and clinically oriented calpain research a gold-standard collection of powerful experimental tools for discovering the nature and functions of calpains.

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